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“Tom Pappalardo’s Broken Lines is worth your examination because man! Look at the design of that page and those books.”
- Gary Tyrrell,

“It is intelligent, entertaining, and in a word, freaking awesome.”
- Aaron Stueve, Broken Frontier

“It is so unlike everything else that I have ever read that I hate to make any sort of comparisons… The characters are simply brilliant and the dialog is smart and entertaining.”
- Katie TrattnerBlogcritics Magazine

“I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed by a story where I had no real idea what’s going on. ”
- Optical Sloth

“The prose part is absolutely terrific fun… Swerving between quirky and flat-out strange, BROKEN LINES is a very amusing little tale. Congrats all the way around to Pappalardo on delivering a solidly creative effort.”
– Mark Mason, Comics Waiting Room

“While Pappalardo clearly appreciates the finer points in humor specific to the written word, and has steeped Broken Lines in various literary traditions that suggest he’s at least walked by a library or two, the sense of humor is truly absurd, and references to modern culture both high and low pepper the pages.”
- Al Kratina, Comic Book Bin

“BROKEN LINES is shaping up to be a classic oddity, full of strangeness and lunacy.”
– Marc Mason, Comics Waiting Room

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“What you have done may be considered a Hate Crime, we are looking into that right now.”
- Joe

“An interesting little gem of the gag strip variety.”
- Art Patient

“Your cartoon is offensive to me, my God and my religion. A public apology is in order.”
- F. Rizzo

I had to read the ad several times to realize that it was a parody.”
- T. Leinroth

This just motivated me to leave a stale relationship.”
- via reddit

“this made me laugh it been a long time sense that happened”
- A person on tumblr who can’t form sentences or spell


A comic collection by Tom Pappalardo and Matt Smith.

“Famous Fighters is a wickedly absurd and delightfully entertaining romp.”
– Monte Williams, PopMatters

“Nothing makes sense. Nothing looks the same. But everything is fun.”
– Aaron Stueve, Broken Frontier

“The book is hilarious, but in a very strange way, relying on an odd mix of subtlety and insanity to get its laughs.”
– Al Kratina, Comic Book Bin

“This unusual comic is a compendium of nearly 10 years worth of goofy comics initially drawn by two friends just to amuse themselves.”
– Ari Charney, Punk Planet

“Buy it and laugh, as there are few enough things around that’ll allow you to do that without trying to teach you some sort of a message. None of that nonsense here, just an awful lot of decapitations!”
– Whitey, Optical Sloth

“here’s my review: buy FF NOW! it doth ruleth. fer real.”
– Doug R.

“Better luck next time, guys.”
– Dirk Deppey, The Comics Journal

“See how good a self-published comic can and should look.”
– Steven Grant, Comic Book Resources

“…my hard earned $5 was more than redoubled in entertainment.”
– Allison G.

“Not only are the heavy metal references priceless, but the silliness factor is appropriately calibrated, and there are some genuine moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity… Great stuff!”
– Robert Murray, Silver Bullet Comics


A retrospective comic collection published in 2005.

“…a booklet that’s strangely reassuring to hold.”
- Mark Campos, POOPSHEET

“(T)here’s no chance for me to tell you everything in here without this being the longest review ever.”

“Going for gags by the pound, the author seems to have cleared out his comic closet hoping some of these jokes would hit the mark, gags, strips, stories, you name it.”

“I finally read failure/incompetence, and I can’t decide whether who’s more lame, you for writing it, or me for finding it funny.”

“The inconsistency here is enough to drive you insane.”
- Comics Waiting Room

“This collection is incredibly smart, sad, and funny. i’m a comic geek, believe me – neither Failure nor Incompetence have ever been better.”
- A. Glancey

“I have only laughed out loud while reading this thing. And I only do that once or twice a year.”
- K. Stream

“A collection of miscellaneous stuff that is often not particularly amazing.”

“Ok, so I’ve read through the comic book like 8 times now… I NEED MORE TOM STANDARD.”
- M. Guams

“This book is a laugh riot. Everybody should have their own copy, heck, everybody should have two copies. One to keep on them and one to keep in their nuclear fallout shelter. Because you know, once you’re stuck in there, you ain’t coming out. Heck, you’ll probably be drinking your own urine at some point, so, you’re going to need a good laugh to keep your spirits up!”
- J Boyd

“A clever unique perception of suburban America…” - Alex Vo, PopMatters